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Hi! I'm a graphic design major who enjoys consuming and analyzing pop culture.

My main Twitter account is mainly a fandom + art account, but I will also tweet about personal life inconveniences.

Feel free to follow/unfollow/block. If we're mutuals, please soft-block to unfollow.

Mutuals, my DMs are always open if you want to talk!

I will sometimes forget to reply to mentions, so if you really need me to see/respond to something, please DM.


I love zines, and I'm always on the lookout for exciting projects!

I tend to take on the Graphics/Formatting role in zines.
You may find my graphic design portfolio here

If you'd like me to participate in any zines/events, feel free to DM me
and we can work something out!

I will only participate in zines for fandoms I'm familiar with! Please refer here
for a comprehensive list.

Due to my tight personal schedule, I will only take up modding positions for for-profit zines!

as a mod

TitleFandomRoleSpecsZine StatusWork Status
HQWEEN: A Halloween-themed Haikyuu zineHQGraphics/Formatting + General Mod, Merch ArtistDigital, Half profit/Half charityCOMPLETE
"Everything in Balance": an atla cookbookATLAGraphic Intern ModPhysical, For profitProduction
Demon & Love II: a KNY Demons zineKNYGraphics/Formatting ModPhysical, For profitProduction
Taste of Teyvat: a Genshin Impact Cookbook zineGenshin ImpactInitiator, Graphics, Social Media ModPhysical, For profitPre-orders preparation 
OsaAka ZineHQGraphics/Formatting ModPhysical, For profitPre-orders 
Verses upon the Azure Sky: A XingYun zineGenshin ImpactGraphics ModPhysical, For profitCreation period 
Glazed MoonGenshin ImpactInitiator, Graphics, Social Media, Art ModPhysical, For profitContributor Applications 
Starconches & Starlight: a Chilumi zineGenshin ImpactGraphics Assistant & Formatting ModPhysical, For profitContributor Applications 
Collected MiscellanyGenshin ImpactGraphics and Formatting ModPhysical, For profitIn development 

as a contributor

TitleFandomRoleSpecsZine StatusWork Status
Embark: a HxH Travel zineHXHGraphic Design ContributorPhysical, For profitProduction 
Old Paths: a Haikyuu Scrapbook zineHQWriter (poet)Physical, For profitProduction
Taberu: a Haikyuu Cookbook zineHQChefPhysical, For profitProduction
Genshin TarotGenshin ImpactGraphic Design Contributor (social media)Physical, For profitCreation period 
The Last Yaksha: a Xiao zineGenshin ImpactWriter (poet)Physical, For profitCreation period
Resonant WavesGenshin ImpactWriter (poet)Physical, For profitCreation period


Highlighted = fandoms I'm into at the moment

Genshin Impact
Mystic Messenger
Harvest Moon: Animal Parade
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Mobile Legends

Attack on Titan
Kimetsu no Yaiba
My Hero Academia
Yuri on Ice
Ghibli movies
The Promised Neverland
Hirunaka No Ryuusei
Black Butler
Junji Ito Mangas

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